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Shoot from fifty to a thousand yards from a variety of shooting positions and firing points.  Range days can be booked for parties of up to four people at a fixed price per day as long as you hold a valid firearms certificate for the rifle you bring. Overseas visitors with valid permits are most welcome. Cost for a day one to one is £475. Additional shooters can be added in advance for only £75 each, to a maximum of four.


On the day following a safety briefing you will be given an overview of targets available, steel game cut outs, fox heads, IPSC silhouette, gongs of various sizes and distances.  We also have a full range of PRS shooting barricades, walls, tank traps etc. We will then explore YOUR objectives for the day and how together we can best achieve them and agree a shooting plan for the day


We can advise on technique and provide help on optimising the use of your scope, ammunition and other equipment. If you are interested in testing out any particular equipment please ask in advance as there every possibility that we will have some available or can source some from our trade suppliers on loan for the day.


Range days offer an excellent chance to shoot longer distances and more challenging targets so you are on peak form with your rifle.  Whether you are preparing for an international competition, deer stalking in the Highlands or Woodland stalking, we can tailor all or part of the day towards your objective.

Whatever you decide you wish to get out of the day, we are confident that you will quickly make progress and will meet your objective.

Shooting mats may be provided but please prepare for the weather, bringing suitable headgear, sun glasses and rainwear if necessary as well as drinks and  a picnic lunch. Catering for small groups can be provided on request, as can photography.


Upon booking you will receive a map and instructions on how to find the range and other relevant logistical details. 



You will be accompanied for the day by shooting instructor and expert shot, Steve Rawsthorne, who can tailor instruction to your objectives to help you get the most out of the facilities available. With over 25 years of experience as a shooting instructor, primarily at the Holland and Holland shooting grounds in London, Steve's technical expertise is highly regarded by private clients around the world. Steve is a byline writer for several shooting magazine titles and is an AA class competition shooter. 

Draw on Steve's in depth technical and practical knowledge as much or as little as you wish during the day to fulfil your ambitions.

Shooting instruction is inclusive on the day.

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