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PRS is a popular sport in the USA and has a thriving community in continental Europe. Here in the UK, however, the PRS movement is still in its infancy, challenged by the limited availability of suitable open spaces not bordered by public footpaths, buildings  etc. Safe spaces for rifle shooting tend, therefore, to be concentrated around the hillier and more remote areas of Scotland, Wales and Cornwall.

Should you wish to train for PRS in the UK or abroad, our range and instructors offer the best possible facilities for shooting longer distances from a variety of shooting positions. 

Our instructors regularly participate in PRS matches and leagues in Europe and can help you prepare for matches and also offer logistical and tactical support for your planned events. Talk to us about entering competitions singly or as a two person team. 


Semper Vigilans

Always watchful


Shooting positions are varied to challenge the shooter's marksmanship and composure under pressure.  The positions for each stage can include barricades, tank traps, fences, bales and even vehicles. Competitions may even require you to use a deliberately unstable tripod or to shoot through a small irregular window from a kneeling or squatting position, we have the facilities practise this.

A range of bags and supports are available and some shooters choose to carry these in competition, trading off the weight of the pack and kit as a whole with the benefits to their ability to shoot accurately. Competition shooting in PRS is not just about accuracy as endurance and stamina may also form significant components, so whatever you carry for your challenge, you  need to be fit enough to manage the extra weight without losing focus.


In some PRS matches, no modern aids are permitted, range-finder, ballistic app, wind meter etc. a back to basics formula and stages are timed, with an initial sprint, and possibly climb to the shooting position being required.  We can help you with background research and tailored training programmes to ensure that you are ready for both the endurance and the accuracy components of the event.

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